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We have been creating Word Search puzzles (and other kinds of activities) for several years now. Most of them are available through our Spanish site (edithandedwardlara.com). The emphasis then mainly was for youth social gatherings.

We create puzzle books intended for adults but suitable for youth and children. Most of the puzzle books are Bible-based—besides, our puzzle books are both in Spanish and English.

Edward and Edith:
We are your humble servants, and hopefully, the material we write is beneficial to you.

Caleb is homeschooled and is now a sophomore in high school. Caleb has a few books of his own.

Joshua is the youngest one in the family and is also homeschooled.

Remember to come back. We keep adding material constantly. Also, if you have a particular need, do not hesitate to ask, and we will surely give it consideration.


Yours in the LORD,

The Lara Family (Edith, Edward, Caleb, and Joshua – Jocaed)

PS. If you see the logo jocaed.com in some of the materials, that’s our former’s site name. Jocaed is just the combination of our names (first two letters). 😊