Coded Crossword | Puzzle Number One


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Coded Crossword | Puzzle Number One

Are you familiar with Code Crosswords? If not, we hope you are willing to give them a try.

In this type of crossword, all the twenty-six letters of the alphabet most appear in the puzzle. Each letter has a number assigned.

Please know that this number does not correspond with the order in which the letter appears in the alphabet. So the letter A can be number 20, for example, instead of number 1.

So, once you find the number of a particular letter, you can fill all the spots where that letter goes.

At some point and time, you can also start guessing words if you have enough spots filled. Once that happens, then you will acquire more letters, and so it goes.

To give you a headstart, we have provided you with two words. These two words have a total of eight unique letters. So, You only have to figure out the other eighteen.

I hope you have fun completing this puzzle.


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