Passing The Message | Bible Game



  • You will need two groups of at least 4 participants for this game.

  • Organize the groups in two lines.

  • Start giving a paper/card with a small verse to the first in each group’s line (the captain).

  • The captain (first in the line) will memorize the verse in 30 seconds and return the paper/card.

  • The captain will have to pass the verse (from memory) to the next in line. Note: He must tell it without the others listening (in secret).

  • Then the second will do the same sharing with the third, and so on.

  • Once thy are done passing the verse, the last one has to tell the verse to everybody in the room.

  • If the last person can repeat the entire verse, his team wins. If both teams can repeat the verse, it is a tie.

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