Whom Do These Words Remind You?





  • Increased interest of the Youth on the Word of God.
  • To motivate the constant study of the Word of God.


  • Blackboard/Whiteboard
  • Construction Paper
  • Container

Instructions and method:

The organizer of the exercise forms two groups and names a leader for each.

When the participant comes to the front to pick a list of characteristics of one of the Bible characters, the organizer will read the list for all the participants. The team will be given time to meditate on the answer. After the appointed time ends, they will give their answer. If they don’t know the answer, the other team will be allowed to answer. If none of the teams knows the answer, then the organizer will give the answer to all the participants.

Each time a participant pulls a list of characteristics of a Bible character, this list is written on the blackboard/whiteboard to refresh the teams’ memory. The team that identifies the most Bible characters wins.

A suggested list of characteristics:

  1. Pit/Cistern, jail, Egypt, governor
  2. Rooster, tabernacles/habitations, Pentecost, rock
  3. Pit/Cistern, jail, Egypt, governor
  4. Offering, guard, blood, cursed
  5. Vision, church, chipwreck, jail
  6. Calf, mitre, sacrifices, racional
  7. Sheep, haps, battle, crown, sin
  8. Vineyard, heredad, possession, dogs
  9. Ministry, council, gnashing of teeth, stoned
  10. Altar, fire, juniper tree, resurrected, slew
  11. Book, lions, dream, interpretation
  12. Body hair, hunt, pottage, birthright
  13. Gold, temple, child, drunk, imitate
  14. Flags/Reed, ark, bush, plagues

Bible Characters

1. Jacob 6. Aaron 11. Daniel
2. Peter 7. David 12. Esau
3. Joseph 8. Naboth 13. Hannah
4. Cain 9. Stephen 14. Moses
5. Paul 10. Elijah

Translated by Edward Lara @ edithandedwardlara.com and Jocaed.com.

PS. Thanks to Pastor Joel Santana Geraldo for giving us permission to use the Spanish version, and to create this translation.

PS2. Thanks to Lorena S. for the inspiration/motivation to translate this exercise.


Estos son una muestra de ejercicios b√≠blicos que ayudar√°n a ser mas diestros en la PALABRA de DIOS as√≠ que ser un curioso de la Biblia, son extra√≠dos del Libro de Juegos B√≠blicos, especiales para el desarrollo de las Sociedades de J√≥venes y todo tipo actividades que ayuden al fortalecimiento de la juventud cristiana en todas las congregaciones. ‚ÄúROMPEHIELOS, DINAMICAS Y EJERCICIOS BIBLICOS.‚ÄĚ Escrito por el Pr. JOEL SANTANA GERALDO. Para m√°s informaci√≥n comunicarse:

Teléfono: (829)470-1721

Así que disfrutar de estos juegos bíblicos que serán de ayuda para todos y permitirán que todos puedan estar al alcance de la PALABRA de DIOS, así que gozasen todos ahora con estos ejercicios.

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